Advance Praise for The How of Happiness

“As pragmatic as a car manual, this how-to is anything but self-help fluff. Drawn from a career of rigorous research, Lyubomirsky’s argument that 40 percent of our joy is within our control could convince the staunchest fatalist that happiness is both a choice and a lifelong endeavor. She explores 12 ways to exploit that slice, such as savoring pleasure, pursuing goals, and living in the present, and ends with a guide to sustaining your newfound contentment.”
—Liz Somes, Psychology Today

“The How of Happiness…is a hybrid of accessible research and worksheets to help diligent readers scour away sadness.”
New York Post

“Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness provides some excellent advice on improving positive moods. A social psychologist, Lyubomirsky writes with authenticity and with logical prose more fitting of a scientific journal than a New Age spiritualist…here exercises are backed by scientific study to help improve individual happiness.”

“Sonja Lyubomirsky differs from most self-help authors on at least three counts. First, she is a scholar who has herself done pioneering research on the topic. Second, she writes a delightfully elegant prose. Third, she provides practical suggestions for improving one’s life that are easy to follow. All together, this makes The How of Happiness a wonderful addition to everyone’s library.”
—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Claremont Graduate University Professor of Psychology and Management, and author of Flow

“Everyone has an opinion about happiness, and unfortunately, many of them write books. Finally we have a self-help book from a reputable scientist whose advice is based on the best experimental data. Charlatans, pundits, and new-age gurus should be worried and the rest of us should be grateful. THE HOW OF HAPPINESS is smart, fun, and interesting—and unlike almost every other book on the same shelf, it also happens to be true.”
—Daniel Gilbert, Harvard University Professor of Psychology, and author of Stumbling on Happiness

“Our Founding Fathers told us it is our right to pursue happiness – but they left it vague about how to attain that holy grail of modern life. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness, the result of her groundbreaking research into happiness, shows us the way to a life of purpose, productivity, and joy.”
—Arianna Huffington

“The How of Happiness is the authoritative guide to what makes us happy and how to achieve happiness, written by a world authority on happiness research, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky. Read this book, follow its suggestions, and you’ll be happier.”
—Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Yale University Professor of Psychology, and author of Women Who Think Too Much

“The How of Happiness uses cutting edge psychological research to provide a series of sound, practical recommendations to make life more satisfying. Becoming happier may take some work, but reading Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book is an effortless pleasure.”
—Barry Schwartz, Swarthmore College Dorwin Cartwright Professor of Social Theory and Social Action, and author of The Paradox of Choice

“The right place to look for science-based advice on How To Become Happier.”
—Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology and author ofLearned Optimism